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How to find a reliable Indian Hair Vendor for my hair business?

  • Blog How to find a reliable Indian Hair Vendor for my hair business?

How to find a reliable Indian Hair Vendor for my hair business?

Your quest to find a reliable Indian Hair vendor is a daunting task. If you are after 100% Human hair bundles then narrow it to Indian Hair vendors and cut out the Chinese hair vendors, no offence to the country but they are very popular to blend animal hair and synthetic fibres into the hair bundles, which causes allergic reactions on your scalp once worn.

The second step is to vet the Indian Hair Vendors based on their location. India, the subcontinent is 3.3 million km2 wide floor bed with 29 states. If you have done your preliminary research on Human Hair Industry, the primary source of Human Hair is from Indian Temples in South India and the South Indian Hair vendors are more likely to sell unprocessed raw Indian hair direct from Temples than the North Indian Hair vendors.

This is because of two reasons, the first being very less temples in North India that has the system to accept human hair donation and selling it in auction, for this reason the Vendors from the North India source the hair from Salons where the customers decide to have a big chop of their over processed hair and also collect the floor hair which is also called as comb hair and process them extensively to make them into bundles.

We are not concluding that all the south Indian Vendors sell authentic Raw Virgin Human Hair but it is easy for them to source and produce good quality virgin Cuticle aligned hair extensions, given that they are manufacturers with their fully equipped factory.

Indian Hair Giant is one of the largest Manufacturer in India manufacturing 100% Raw Human Hair with our factory located in south of India. If you have any questions about the hair, please drop us an email to Indianhairgiant@gmail.com