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What is Raw hair?  

Raw Hair is the most desired hair of the century! It just means its RAW! Not been messed with chemicals or any processing at all. This is the speciality with Indian Hair giant which enables our customers to use the hair for more than five years. 

What is Virgin hair?

Virgin Hair means the hair is never been coloured or bleached before, so its easy for you to change the colour if you need to change once you are bored. Yes its important because our hair lasts for good five year plus so you can play around colours!

What is Foot length Hair?

Foot length hair is exclusive to Indian Hair Giant. Indian Hair Giant is the only Indian Hair manufacturers to sell lengths upto 48 inches hair. The Foot length hair ranges from 30 inches to 48 inches long hair. 

What is remy hair? Do you do cuticle intact hair.

Remy hair is the good old name of cuticle aligned hair, the cuticles in the hair follicle runs in the same direction. This features is important to recent tangling and matting in the hair. We take extra care while procuring the hair from donors. We bundle the hair first with a band (as a ponytail ) and only then shave the hair off the head to keep the cuticles in mono direction. ​

How can I get full pricelist?

​Please fill in the enquiry form with your requirement to get a pricelist or email us at indianhairgiant@gmail.com 

What textures do you do?

We are passionate about natural textures as they help in retaining the pattern permanently. We offer straight, wavy, curly, loose wavy, wet wave.

Is shipping inclusive ?

The shipping depends on the destination and volumetric weight of the shipment so we didn’t include the shipping in the prices. Shipping is added once we receive your order and address. 

What is your turn around time?

We ship within 5 days however we also offer next day shipment on request with additional fee. 

What payments do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, credit card, western union and paypal.( with additional fees) 

What are the different products you do?

Machine weft, Weave, Closures, Frontals, Wigs, Blonde hair

Can I buy samples?

Yes you can buy samples before making wholesale order. What is the weight of each bundle? Each bundle is 100 grams 

What is the size of your closures and frontals?

Closures size is 4 x 4 inches
Frontals 12.5X 4 inches

Is your hair from single donor?

Yes we source the hair directly from Indian temples and get directly from donor and we assure it’s single donor hair. 

Where do you source the hair from?

We source the hair from Indian temples in South India. 

What grade of hair you do?

We do premium quality raw virgin hair, which is 100% unprocessed human hair. 

How do I place Order?

Please send your order to indianhairgiant@gmail.com